Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cheez and Chikn Queso Dill Ya

Tonight for supper I had a cheese and chicken quesadilla.  But I made it in ebonics.  It was delish.

Cheez and Chikn Queso Dill Ya
Cooken chicken
Monterey jack cheese
1 burrito sized tortilla
Sour cream
  • Spray skillet with cooking spray when heated to medium heat.
  • Add tortilla to the skillet.  Spread thin layer of salsa over tortilla.  Add cheese and chicken.  When cheese is starting to melt, fold over the tortilla.  Cook until browned and flip.  Cook until that side is browned.
  • Remove and cut into sections.
  • Eat that cheesey sheesy fo heesy my beezy!
Well thats all I've got for now. 

1 comment:

  1. Yes, sometimes I just want something tasty without a whole lot of trouble. Quesadillas are perfect for those times and yours looks nice and toasty-yum!