Wednesday, June 8, 2016

For premium skin care, visit Zolie Skin Clinic in New Delhi, India

This isn't really food or cooking related but I feel the need to share this!  I was walking and shopping one day and noticed a lady walking down the row of stores.  I couldn't help but notice how smooth and healthy looking her skin was, and she noticed me noticing!  I apologized but remarked how clear her skin was.  She said she was from New Delhi, India and visiting family in the area.

She didn't always have skin that was so smooth and silky.  She had dry skin that used to crack and cause mild discomfort. She told me about Zolie Skin Clinic, which is an amazing dermatologist in New Delhi, India.  They offer the best standards of care and help for being as beautiful as ever.  She met with Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, who has received several awards for her work, and given presentations about her studies.

After visiting the website when I got home from shopping, I think that she was spot on!  The services they offer range from just about everything you would need, from dry skin to oil skin, and even provide specialized dermatological consultations, dermatosurgical and aesthetic procedures to treat a wide range of skin disorder.  We need to make sure to take care of our skin because, after all, the skin is the largest organ of the body and we need to be thankful when everything with it is well!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When do You Need Office Catering?

When do You Need Office Catering?
Events organised for the office or corporates are of utmost importance as it deals with building your client or staff relationships. Different events demand different kinds of catering. Using professional catering services can help you organise an impressive spread without the fuss of going to a restaurant, ordering food, arranging its presentation and set-up. The caterers take care of everything from the choice of the menu, to its presentation and dishware to be used.

The caterers come into the picture for small scale events like boxed lunches or an after office cocktail party, as well as large scale events like trade shows or companies annual day. There are several events in the corporate world for which you can hire the catering services.

  • ·         Catering for breakfast events in the office – It is important to keep your attendees awake, enthusiastic, and happy at the start of the day. An extensive corporate breakfast is the best way to kick off your day filled with meetings and presentations. You can opt for hot and cold stations for your food and highlight it with fresh fruits and juices.
  • ·         Catering for lunches – It is a break between massive discussion and trainings at the corporate event. The lunches thus have to be refreshing and including salads and desserts make it more exciting.
  • ·         Boxed Lunches - These are preferred when you have an internal staff meeting or training. A lot of thought process is put into packing and selecting the food for such boxes. They have to be mess free, tasteful and appealing to the staff. 
  • ·         Catering for trade show events – Trade shows are big events and require catering for thousands. There should be a wise selection of the food and trained staff to manage the crowd and attend to them efficiently.
  • ·         Catering for Business Award Ceremonies - These award ceremonies include the top performers in the industry and a high profile gathering. For such people you require an extensive food menu. These ceremonies are held to honour the capable industrialist and make them feel special, thus the food should look pleasing and presented skilfully.
  • ·         Catering for Business conferences – These conferences again hold great importance in maintaining clients and staff relationships. There would be a different set of menu when you look for catering for such events.
  • ·         Catering for Corporate Dinners -  Business dinners are organised mostly for some kind of celebration at work like any kind of achievements or just a get together to catch up with all clients and employees or maybe some charity fund raiser. Thus the catering menu can include a wide range of items followed by drinks and desserts. So it is best to get along with the budget in this case. 
  • ·         Corporate holiday parties- Such parties are done mostly in the holiday season and may also include a company picnic with the employees, prospects and the clients. This brings in the mood for fun and frolic and thus the food should include items that are preferred for an outdoor party that is easy to carry without any hassle. 
  • Catering for office events involve a lot of planning and the right selection of menu based on the composition of guests. A well organised event plays a significant role in brand building and enhancing the company’s goodwill. 

Jenna Smith is a freelance blogger and currently writes for Square Catering, a well known Sydney office catering company. Visit for more details on Sydney conference catering

Friday, February 21, 2014

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