Wednesday, June 8, 2016

For premium skin care, visit Zolie Skin Clinic in New Delhi, India

This isn't really food or cooking related but I feel the need to share this!  I was walking and shopping one day and noticed a lady walking down the row of stores.  I couldn't help but notice how smooth and healthy looking her skin was, and she noticed me noticing!  I apologized but remarked how clear her skin was.  She said she was from New Delhi, India and visiting family in the area.

She didn't always have skin that was so smooth and silky.  She had dry skin that used to crack and cause mild discomfort. She told me about Zolie Skin Clinic, which is an amazing dermatologist in New Delhi, India.  They offer the best standards of care and help for being as beautiful as ever.  She met with Dr. Nirupama Parwanda, who has received several awards for her work, and given presentations about her studies.

After visiting the website when I got home from shopping, I think that she was spot on!  The services they offer range from just about everything you would need, from dry skin to oil skin, and even provide specialized dermatological consultations, dermatosurgical and aesthetic procedures to treat a wide range of skin disorder.  We need to make sure to take care of our skin because, after all, the skin is the largest organ of the body and we need to be thankful when everything with it is well!