Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to professionally level a Cake

Have you ever tried leveling a cake with a long knife, only to din it's not straight.
Or worse still, have you used a cake leveler, where the blade has flexed and still not cut your cake straight?
Well we have the Answer!

The Agbay Junior Cake Leveler, is a professional piece of Equipment for slicing through cakes in an even level way. The super sharp cutting blade makes light work of sponge cakes, fruit cakes and even cakes with nuts in. Using a gentle sawing motion, you can slice of the top of the cake, reset the blade height and cut through the cake again, ready for filling with jam and buttercream.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ordering doughnuts online!

Did you know that you can easily order donuts online from your favorite breakfast vendor and have them shipped to anybody in the USA? With just a few clicks and a few minutes of your time, donuts will be delivered within a few days to anyone or any company, fresh to your doorstep! Some testimonials: "I have literally found the weirdest and hardest to find products on here and they have NEVER let me down. I think because it was food or something, I just assumed they wouldn't have them, but I stand corrected!!!" "My order got to me fast,and everything was great, I sent as a gift and she loves these donuts and will buy again when she wants more. Thank you again!" "I cant believe that I actually got these donuts in Afghanistan... mouth watering, not sharing at all lol" "These are so delicious and after thawing are so nice and fresh and filled just right!!"

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Meatopia is here!

With the hot weather I’m sure that everyone is thinking just one thing. Barbeque season has begun.

 And what’s better to get you in the BBQ mood than the meat based food festival hitting London, Meatopia. Promising more meat than you can eat; Meatopia started in the good ol’ USA and is hitting London this September.

 As well as meat this festival of food also will feature various music acts, fine beer or the best aged spirits available. Still not convinced? Why not add in a couple of celebrity chefs from around the world going head to head for your enjoyment.

 Gizzi Erskine, presenter of Channel 4’s Cook Yourself Thin, might not be the first person you would associate with such a meat guzzling event, but she will not only be attending but competing against butchers and BBQ greats from as far afield as Tuscany.

  Internationally renowned BBQ kings will peer through the smoke at the bright young things of the London restaurant scene. And who’s eating their creations? You.

 Part of Meatopia’s manifesto is that all the meat for consumption will be native UK breeds that have been bred, raised and butchered as locally as possible.

 If you can’t make it down to London, why not bring the celebration of food into your own garden?

 In keeping with the all-American theme, I would suggest the Broil King range of gas BBQs. With this prime piece of BBQ’ing equipment you could pretty much bring Meatopia home! Containing all you need to put on your own meat feast, the Broil King Baron 590 Barbeque is the quintessential gas BBQ. Built with pride in North America, by a company with over two decades of experience and a passion for barbecuing this BBQ will transform your next garden party! I found mine on

 Speaking of Meatopia, you can even bring your own competition-worthy pork BBQ ribs home! I’m going to let you into my secret marinade for the ultimate BBQ sauce. After cooking your ribs for around 3 hours take plenty of tin foil and make a kind of boat around the ribs. But the ribs on it meaty side up and pour in a cup of apple sauce to every cup of BBQ sauce you want to use; it adds an extra tang and gives the ribs a zing of a pig roast. Seal the foil over the top of the ribs and then grill the whole thing for around 30-60 minutes. Then open up the foil and leave to cook for a further 30 minutes. Paint both side of the ribs with your BBQ sauce and there you go! Perfect ribs!