Friday, September 2, 2011

Cooking surfaces

One of the best things about moving was that we got a new stove.  The previous stove that I had used for the past 6 or 7 years was not level.  This made cooking on stove top tricky, because any cooking oil would pool up on one side of the pan while the other side would be dry.

Having a level stove top has been wonderful.  I can now utilize the full surface of my pans.  Another thing that I've had to adjust to has been the temperature that my new stove gets to.  It gets waaaay hotter than my previous stove so I've had to learn how to play with the heat settings and cooking times.  I can now definitely get a good sear on my meats!  A good site for several various types of stoves is  Free shipping is also offered for select items!

I guess my point is, if you've got an old stove and have been thinking of upgrading, I'm sure the investment will be worth it.  Having a reliable cooking surface has greatly increased the joy that I have gotten out of cooking for my family.

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