Friday, February 17, 2012

Beef on the Barbie Big Fat Daddy's Style: Citrus Marinade Recipe

Can you smell it? We're coming SOON to a town near you. Gearing up for almost three decades of grilling our famous Texas Pit Beef and BBQ. Oh yeah, I'm loving it. Here's some citrus marinade top secret recipe for your beef!

1 Bottle Light Italian Dressing
1 Bottle Spring Water
2 Onions Sliced Thin
2 Oranges Sliced Thin
Dash of Sea Salt

Mix together and let hunk o' beef sit in this mixture overnight. Best to turn once every 12 hours so both sides get coated. It's proved to be better if you let it soak for two days, but grill on wood charcoal and use all the marinate early on as the marinade may contain beef blood and or juices that will need to cook off. Discard any leftovers. You will taste a sweet but savory taste, unlike no other.
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