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Reindeer Bun - Guest Post

Reindeer Bun - Asian Recipes
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This cute little reindeer bun is bound to make your friends squeal. Perfect for a warm, cozy, Christmas party.


  • 150 gram Bread Flour
  • 10 gram Maple Sugar
  • 3 gram Salt
  • 30 gram Unsalted Butter
  • 10 gram Skim Milk
  • 3 gram Dry yeast
  • 10 gram Egg
  • 85 gram Water
  • 70 milligram Orange Juice
  • 20 gram Sugar (granulated)
  • 1 whole Egg
  • 5 gram Corn starch
  • 2 tablespoon Heavy Cream
  • 1 dash Cointreau (sweet liqueur with Orange flavor)
  • 7 piece Drained cherries
  • 14 piece Chocolate Chip

Preparation Method

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1. Use a bread machine for the primary fermentation of the dough. (Add water as required.)
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2. Making orange cream:
A)Heat orange juice, sugar, and butter in a saucepan to human body temperature.
B) Beat egg in a bowl, and mix well with cornstarch. Add into (a), and mix well.
C) Mix well over low to medium heat.
D)As mixture thickens, remove from heat. When it starts to cool, mix with heavy cream and Cointreau. Spoon into an icing bag and cool in the refrigerator.
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3. Split (1) the dough into 7 equal parts.
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4. Tear approximately 5g from every piece of (3) to make the reindeer’s antlers
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5. Tear (4) horn into 2, and roll into a ball. Let sit for 10 minutes.
Preparation Image
6. Flatten the larger dough the face of the reindeer into an oval using a rolling pin, and squeeze out 1/7 of the amount of orange cream.
Preparation Image
7. Lift both ends of dough, and bring it over the orange cream.
Preparation Image
8. Close the right and left sides of the dough over the orange cream to seal it. Shape it so it is a little long and thin to resemble the face of the reindeer.
Preparation Image
9. Shape the antlers until they are slightly long.
Preparation Image
10. Lay parchment paper onto your baking tray. Position the two antlers first and then place the face on the tray. Ensure the face overlaps the antlers slightly. Place in a warm place at 30-40 degrees until it expands to twice its original size. This will take approximately 35 minutes (secondary fermentation).
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11. When the second fermentation is complete, brush some beaten egg onto the dough where the eyes and nose will be positioned. Make holes for eyes using a tooth pick and place the chocolate chips into those holes. Push a drained cherry into the dough where the nose should be
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12. Brush two small dots of beaten eggs onto either side of the face to make the cheeks.
Preparation Image
13. Bake at 180 ? for approximately 10 minutes.

All this for not a whole lot of money!

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