Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Steer List mobile app is genius!

Have you ever stepped into the grocery store only to realize you left your list in the car? Did you go back, or did you think “That’s okay, I know what I need”? We all know how this ends, because we’ve all done it at least once before. It ends with you putting your groceries away only to realize you forgot something. Steer List to the rescue!

Steer List is the smart list app that is on the one item you won’t forget—your cell phone. It’s free, and available at the iTunes store today. Location-based reminders allow you to set a notification for the local farmer’s market, so you don’t forget to drop by on your way home to score all the freshest produce; or set a restaurant recommendation from a friend so you don’t forget what life-changing side dish they ordered. Steer List will even give you a notification in the morning so you can remember to pack reusable bags, coupons and rewards cards… a bigger belt… whatever you may need later in the day!

It’s simple— you just pick a date, the location, and make your list. Anything you need to pick up from that specialty grocery store, Steer List will remind you of when it’s most convenient for you. Instead of having to make an extra trip, Steer List will notify you when you drive or walk near your set location during your normal day. With Steer List, you’ll never feel the bitter sting of getting excited to try a new recipe only to realize you don’t have a key ingredient. With the easy, user-friendly interface, you can also cross off ingredients with a simple flick of the finger as you go, so you don’t have to stop and think “Did I already put in the salt?”

The next time you throw an awesome party, everyone will be amazed by not only your food, but the fact that you’re cool as a cucumber. It’s not food sorcery, it’s just Steer List! Download it for free today, and get cooking!

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