Monday, September 30, 2013

Delightful Recipes with Berries

Who does not love a dish or desert made with berries? Be it strawberry, blueberry or raspberry there is hardly anyone who would not love to get a taste of it. And why should it not be so? Apart from the delicious taste and texture, berries have other pros to encourage being included in the menu. Berries have various health related benefits to offer that are undeniable. And the very look of a well-made dish with berries would bring anyone on their knees!

Different Recipes

There are so many recipes available with different kind of berries that it becomes difficult to handpick even a few of them. And yet, it is worth mentioning some classic as well as new age recipes any time. Following are some recipes for you to try your hand and teeth at.

Strawberry Pie
You could start with the strawberry pie; it truly is a classic. What you need is a fresh stock of ripe pies for this recipe. The other ingredients would include sugar in powdered form, soft cream cheese, sugar in normal grain form, Karo syrup, strawberry mixed in jello format and water as well as some salt along with cornstarch. You have to start by mixing and stirring Karo syrup, cornstarch salt and sugar with water. Cook it at a moderate level of heat. Once the solution thickens up, take it away from the source of heat and blend it with the jello format of mixture. Stir it for some time and then keep it at one place to cool down a bit. Meanwhile add sugar in powdered format to cream cheese and beat the mixture. Once done place the strawberries over it and add the first mixture which should have cooled down by now. And you get an amazing strawberry pie! The best thing about this recipe is that it can be made with any other kind of berry too.

Raspberry Mixed Salad
While salad dressings are great for health as well as taste, too much of the usual can be pretty boring. But now you could make a mix of berry, onion, pickle and blue cheese salad. The name says it all; you already know the key ingredients. Its preparation is easy to go with. You need to mix water, agave, onions and vinegar and make sure it is well marinated. Once that is done add more vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard, and slowly put some oil in the salad while stirring it. Add the salad ingredients in it with raspberries.

Blackberry and Blueberry Galette
You will love the idea of more than one kind of berry in one dish. And this is why the concept of the blackberry and blueberry galette along with cornmeal in a crust format should entice you completely. As the name suggests, the ingredients are simple. The rest of the preparation is the usual one for a galette dish.

Blackberry Cobbler
If you are in need to prepare something in less than 15 minutes and if your choice is to use berries, then the blackberry cobbler is meant for you. Sprinkle lemon juice over well-placed blackberries in pieces and create a combination of sugar, eggs, flour to stir it well. Keep stirring the combination till it appears like a coarse meal. Sprinkle the combination over a collation of fruits. Spread butter in liquefied form over the topping. Mix up all that you have together and bake the result in the oven at 375° for a while till you find bubbles being generated and a light brown color appearing. It is now ready to be presented with a touch of whipped cream.

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