Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My First Turkey


Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

I was surfing the web using my wireless internet New Haven connection to try and figure out how in the world to cook a turkey. This Thanksgiving was the first one that my husband and I would not be with our family. We moved two thousand miles away from home for his residency and he does not get the Thanksgiving holiday off. So, that meant that I would be cooking the Thanksgiving meal. I bought a twelve pound turkey and started to thaw it as directed. I found a recipe on-line for a brined and roasted turkey. To brine the turkey, I had to submerge it in a cooler for twenty-four hours in a solution of water, salt, and brown sugar. When it was time to cook the turkey, I put it in a browning bag and set it in a roasting pan. I cooked the turkey for two and a half hours. After I pulled the turkey out, I basted it with the juice that had accumulated. I was actually really impressed! It turned out great! Our first Thanksgiving alone was a success!

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